How to Bet on the NBA

Basketball has long had a low status in Germany, but since Nowitzki is on his way to the NBA’s Hall Of Fame, this has changed somewhat. Sports law is particularly popular with younger sports fans. For sports betting fans, the sport is even very popular. The reason is simple: hardly any other sport offers so much action, so many lead changes and so many complete turns in one game. Here are the known and popular bet types. We recommend bet365 for this sport, especially because they have almost all games as a free live stream.

How to Bet on the NBA

Basketball Spreads

The spreads are comparable to the Asian handicaps in football or the puck line in ice hockey. In doing so, as many points of a team are given or taken away as the bookmaker deems necessary to offer a balanced odds. For most European suppliers, this means that there will be a 1.91 to 1.91 in the end.

Example: The Lakers play against the Bulls and the odds are 1.60 to 2.45. This means that the bookmaker has to find the expected distance to offer a balanced odds, in this case, 3.5 points for the home team (they will be deducted from the home team and given to the away team). In order to win the 1.91 on Lakers -3.5, the Lakers have to win differently with 4 or more points.

Number of points

Because basketball produces so many points, betting on over/under a number of certain points is extremely popular. One is sometimes astonished how well the bookmakers predict the limit here because this is set as with the spread in such a way that there is a balanced quota. Caution: in most cases, potential extensions are included in the result.

Money Line

That’s the easiest way to do it, because this is about who wins or loses, including potential extensions. If you see a draw on the odds, it’s not the Money Line, of course. The Money Line is much more common in basketball than 1-X-2.

Player Props

An American term, after all, is mainly bet on the NBA and since all have Las Vegas as a model. The Player Props bets on the statistics a player will create in a game. The number of rebounds, points or assists are included and often even as a combination. Then the bet is “Will Player X more or less than[number] rebound and score points”.

Basketball Explanations

bet Basketball Explanations

Basketball is a ball sport in which the ball is held by hand and points are scored by pocketing the ball in a basket. Depending on the distance to the basket, up to three points can be scored with one throw (free-throw: 1 point, hits within the 3-point line: 2 points, hits outside of the 3-point line: 3 points).

In basketball, five players will compete against each other in the field. Seven players are seated on the bench and can be changed indefinitely in case of game interruptions (not as with football). The positions are subdivided as follows: center (striker), two forwards (winger) and two guards (defender). Usually, the center is a physically strong, tall player who scores directly under the basket. The forwards can be divided into Power Forward (which roughly divides the position of the center player) and Small Forward. In the guards, a distinction is made between shooting guards, which are responsible for long-range shots, and point guards, which play a kind of playmaker role.

Basketball is very important in the USA. The largest US basketball federation is called NBA. In the championship, which is organized by this federation, the world’s best known and highest level of playing is probably the most famous. The College Basketball Sport (NCAA) is also very popular in the USA. The FIBA Association ensures a uniform set of regulations all over the world, which does not work everywhere.

Regulations Essentially, the rules are played in the different federations with the same rules. However, there are small differences, which are reflected in the game (and thus also in sports betting!). In US basketball, the focus is increasingly on the individual performance of the players; in Europe, the collective counts – so much for theory. For example, the distance from the 3-point line in the FIBA regulations is determined at 6.25m, in the NBA at 7.24m for the arc, 7.70m on the straight line. The playing time is 4x10min. in the FIBA, 4x12min. in the NBA and 2x20min. in the US-College League (NCAA).

Basketball’s classic bettingBasketball’s classic bet is the spread bet. This means that the basic quota for a win for both teams is initially equal (about 1.91 on average). The odds are adjusted on the basis of the individual point spread (= point advantage). The more powerful a team, the higher the point spread. A draw is therefore not possible on most NBA bets. Exception: In the case of a few betting providers, there are offers that only refer to the regular playing time (= without extra time). However, in the majority of cases you bet either on a win by Team A or B. As a result, the risk of losing bets on NBA betting tips is also significantly lower than, for example, a classic 3-way bet on football bets. Especially in basketball betting, the so-called player props are also interesting. The bet is based on the individual performance of a player (e. g. how many points/rebounds he reaches).

Unfortunately, due to the time difference (North America – Germany), NBA betting often takes place at night time. In many cases, the NBA matches start at 23 p. m. and 4 a. m. in Central European, i. e. German time. Accordingly, live betting is less important for many players, at least in the NBA.

Last Advice for Basketball Betting

It is advisable to check the NBA injured party list before submitting your betting slip and adjust your betting forecast accordingly. In the absence of a key player, the team may find it much more difficult to win. You should also take a look at your personal basketball betting tips in advance to see how you can benefit from the best possible chance of success. Of course, there is no waterproof basketball betting strategy that always hits the mark. After all, sports betting is still, at least in part, a game of chance.