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Press Release: Republican SOS Martin Caught in Voting Roll Scandal

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Contact: HL Moody, 501.410.0595

 Republican Secretary of State Mark Martin
Caught in Voting Roll Scandal

Emails show SOS officials knew of problem

LITTLE ROCK – Today, the Democratic Party of Arkansas released the following statement:

From Democratic Party of Arkansas Legal Counsel Chris Burks:
“Mark Martin continues to cover-up and refuse to give the public all of their records. Yesterday, Martin’s office wrote that they would turn over electronic copies today of ‘the very few emails this office has already provided.’ Martin today belatedly released more emails not before disclosed, but still refuses to release all public records. The limited records released today add to the timeline of how Arkansans were unlawfully purged from the voter rolls.”

From Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Vincent Insalaco:
“Voting is a sacred right granted to Arkansans by the U.S. and Arkansas Constitutions. Defending politicians who trample on that right and hide public records is not a good use of taxpayer dollars. The cover-up continues with Mark Martin and his Republican cronies at the Capitol. I call on Governor Hutchinson and Attorney General Rutledge to denounce Mark Martin’s cover-up and hold him accountable.  We now know which counties are still left without a fix to Mark Martin’s voter purge. We will not give up the fight for Arkansans’ right to vote. This episode should again remind all Arkansans that elections have consequences.”

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All quotes from Secretary of State office emails:

**See for yourself.  CLICK HERE to download the newly released records.


June 14: Before sending a voter file they knew was full of errors, Secretary of State Chief Deputy writes that the SOS staff: “might want to give your contact in that county a call and ease the surprise just a little.”

June 27: Secretary of State’s office emails County Clerks to tell them that they are being sent a “correct felon file.” Secretary of State office calls file “correct” well after they had known “since 2014” that there were major issues and “glitches.”

June 30: Clerks begin to write to Secretary of State for help. An email from the Polk County Clerk’s office cries out, “Help!!! Oh. My. Gosh. Please. Help” because they were “being bombarded with phone calls” about the incorrect voter list.

July 7: ACIC asks Secretary of State staff what criteria they are using to “narrow the list of subjects being excluded from voting rights” and asks for a “copy of your list.”

July 7: Secretary of State office writes to ACIC that they “don’t believe it is necessary at this point for you all to go through this entire list and investigate each one.”  This is a clear refusal to fix the issue.

July 7: Pulaski County Clerk’s office asks to “re-set Pulaski County” and “recommend that you strongly consider doing so for the entire state

July 8: Despite errors, Secretary of State office tells Clerks: “Yes Ma’am” that they should “go ahead now on this” even though there were major errors.

July 18: Secretary of State office emails say that “Pulaski is getting pretty anxious.”

July 19: Pulaski County again expresses strong “concerns with the quality of the data”.

August 12: Chief Deputy thanks Secretary of State Office Elections staff for all they have “accomplished this summer” and to prepare for outside “threats” about the “felon file issue.”

See for yourself.  CLICK HERE to download the newly released records.

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