Press Release: Republicans Scramble to Distract Voters From SOS Voter File Scandal, Pre-K, and Boozman Dark Money Donors

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Republicans Scramble to Distract Voters From SOS Voter File Scandal, Pre-K, and Boozman Dark Money Donors

Democratic Party of Arkansas Financial Filings Publically Available

LITTLE ROCK – Today, Vincent Insalaco, chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas, released the following statement:

“Republican Party of Arkansas Chair Doyle Webb’s statement is not only inaccurate, it is a sad demonstration of how his party has embraced Donald Trump’s tactic of distorting truth and spreading outrageous lies. The Republican Party needs to get its facts straight; all donors to the Democratic Party of Arkansas are publicly disclosed.”

“Republicans are desperate to change the subject. After weeks of news about the Secretary of State Mark Martin’s disregard for the rule of law and the right to vote, news of State Treasurer Dennis Milligan’s illegal activities, as well as the Republican Party’s disastrous decision to abandon all support for early childhood education and Pre-K, it is no wonder they would attempt to distract voters with a process story about donors and FEC reports.

We are proud to receive donations from Arkansans to elect Arkansans. While more than eighty percent of donations to the Conner Eldridge campaign have been small dollar donors from right here in Arkansas, over forty percent of the money Senator John Boozman has accepted is from dark money groups representing the interests of Washington insiders. Senator Boozman has opposed campaign finance reform, even voting against the Disclosure Act. The hypocrisy exhibited by the Republican Party is alarming. Republicans brought up dark money, but ask them where they stand on overturning Citizen’s United.

The Democratic Party of Arkansas’s financial reports to the Federal Election Commission include the legally required information. These reports are accurate, submitted to the FEC in a timely manner, and comply with federal election law. They are made publically available. If that is not transparency, I do not know what is.”

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FEC filings are available HERE.